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Traditional Home Can't Say Enough Good Things About Monte's Ham


From June 12 2012

farmForget about purchasing perfectly rectangular pieces of processed ham from the deli counter or whole ham in a triangular can. The best hams come from American heritage breeds. Chefs champion small artisanal producers across the country for good reason: humane treatment of livestock, slow cures, natural wood smoking, or a nitrate-free cure. The end result to this minimal processing is deeply flavored ham that shows off the best of the breed’s inherent qualities. These artisan ham producers are among our favorites.

Monte’s Ham?Bridgehampton, New York Monte’s Hams are cured free of preservatives and nitrates. Cook these natural hams “long and slow” smothered in glaze. The end result will look more like roast pork, and will be one of the most succulent, juicy hams you’ll ever enjoy. Monte’s Ham’s commitment to an all-natural product doesn’t end with the ham. Orders arrive packed in a biodegradable, compostable boxes.