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The New York Times gives Monte's Ham a great review!


From September 30 1998

In reviewing "Saveur Cooks Authentic American (Chronicle Books 1998 $40.00), Suzanne Hamlin wrote in the New York Times: "The recipe for Monte's Ham alone may be worth the price of admission. Monte Mathews, an Advertising Executive, writes: "When I first came to New York, a friend gave me two pieces of advice: first, if you wear an expensive watch, you can wear anything else you want; second, when you have a lot of people over, buy a ham." Mr. Mathews already had the watch, but he was flummoxed by the ham, until he went to a party and saw hordes of guests tucking into a giant, glistening specimen. Begging his hostess for the secret, she disclosed "Buy a ham, glaze the hell out of it and cook it for a long,time." Cooked to his instructions,(I) served (Monte's Ham) to a group of ten with professed discerning palates. (In truth, cut into half inch slices, the ham would serve 30 or more.) They went crazy for Monte's Ham, clamoring for seconds and thirds, grabbing nubbins from the platter and boldly demanding to take home the leftovers. The big, deeply bronzed beauty was truly delicious--succulent and moist of the inside, sweetly glazed and crisp on the outside."