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Montes Ham Customers Speak Out


From April 03, 2011

Montes All Natural Ham"Monte, the three hams that we got this season were excellent. I prepared two of them myself and was amazed how many people could be fed! The smoking and glaze produced an excellent flavor with no saltiness. Thank you!! Can we place orders throughout the year or just during specific seasons? Thank you!" – John

The answer is, of course, yes, John, you can order Monte's Ham whenever you'd like.

"Monte, best ham we have ever tasted! Thank you." – AFO

"Monte, you will probably get about 20 new customers if last night's response to your ham was any indication. It was FABULOUS. Thanks so much..." – Judy

"Hi Monte. Just wanted to let you know how super good your ham was. Was almost finished by the end of the night, but I got to take the bone home and make pea soup. So thanks! Glad you're doing well." – Janet

"We very much enjoyed the ham over the New Year's weekend. It was the best one my family had ever had! We are hosting 4 couples next weekend, and I'm counting on the ham I ordered yesterday to satsify everyone's appetites!" – Sophia