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Blog - Ham Holiday Gift

Holiday Gifts That Give Back


From December 7, 2010

SOME holiday gifts are meant to be appreciated by more than just the recipient. Here are some foods worth giving that also bring a charitable donation to the table.

Monte Mathews knows about giving through food. From 2001 to 2009, he was the creative director on the Newman’s Own account at Gotham Inc., a Manhattan advertising agency; the account was Paul Newman’s company, which donates all proceeds to charity. After starting Monte’s Ham about a year ago, he pledged $5,000 annually to the hunger-relief organization City Harvest, which works out to at least $10 a ham. The hams are from hogs raised upstate as part of an initiative to convert dairy farms, and are cured by the Purdy family in Chenango County. Because the hams are nitrite- and nitrate-free, the meat is not pink, more like a fresh ham. Mr. Mathews also sells a mustardy ham glaze made by a small producer on the North Fork of Long Island. The ham, which is bone-in and runs 13 to 15 pounds, comes with a 16-ounce jar of the glaze and a tin of Madagascar cloves. The hams take about two and a half hours to bake. It all comes packed in a lovely willow basket lined with linen and straw, for $189 plus shipping: montesham.com.

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