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Joan's Best Bets: Holiday Mail Order

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Traditional Home Can't Say Enough Good Things About Monte's Ham

From June 12 2012 Forget about purchasing perfectly rectangular pieces of processed ham from the deli counter or whole ham in a triangular can. The best hams come from American heritage breeds. Chefs champion small artisanal producers across the country for good reason: humane treatment of livestock, slow cures, natural wood smoking, or a nitrate-free cure. [...]

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Montes Ham in Simple Art of Cooking by Silvia Lehrer

Dan's Paper's Food Guru, Silvia LehrerFrom December 03 2010Simple Art Of Cooking, by Silvia LehrerBefore we turn around there's a not-too-distant wave of fresh holiday preparation around the bend. Perhaps you're planning a marathon of cooking and baking sessions to store or freeze ahead or gifts from the kitchen to jar and tie up in [...]

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Montes Ham Customers Speak Out

From April 03, 2011 "Monte, the three hams that we got this season were excellent. I prepared two of them myself and was amazed how many people could be fed! The smoking and glaze produced an excellent flavor with no saltiness. Thank you!! Can we place orders throughout the year or just during specific [...]

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Hamptons Hambassador

From Oct 11 2010 When he first moved to New York City in 1972, the Montreal born Monte Mathews went to a dinner party where the host advised: If you want to impress, “buy an expensive watch and serve a cheap ham.” But Mathews, a retired Madison Avenue creative director, who handled campaigns for Sara Lee, Jimmy [...]

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Holiday Gifts That Give Back

By FLORENCE FABRICANTFrom December 7, 2010 SOME holiday gifts are meant to be appreciated by more than just the recipient. Here are some foods worth giving that also bring a charitable donation to the table. Monte Mathews knows about giving through food. From 2001 to 2009, he was the creative director on the Newman’s Own [...]

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Featured in the new The Essential New York Times Cookbook

From November 29 2010Here, from Gregory Mowery's blog "Stovetop Readings", is his take on this brilliant new cookbook. The Essential New York Times Cookbook by Amanda Hesser (Norton) In a year of big, ungainly cookbooks, this might have ended up as just another massive doorstop corporate cookbook. The great recipes she has culled from the [...]

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The New York Times gives Monte's Ham a great review!

From September 30 1998In reviewing "Saveur Cooks Authentic American (Chronicle Books 1998 $40.00), Suzanne Hamlin wrote in the New York Times: "The recipe for Monte's Ham alone may be worth the price of admission. Monte Mathews, an Advertising Executive, writes: "When I first came to New York, a friend gave me two pieces of advice: [...]

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Monte's Ham on Heritage Radio

From December 20 2011"Unfiltered" with Erin Fitzpatrick and Brian DeMarcoErin & Brian are back for a final episode of Unfiltered before the holiday break and they are joined by Monte Mathews of Monte's Ham. Learn more about his all natural nitrate free cured hams and hear how Monte helps support small family farms in upstate [...]

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