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Monte's Mission
Montes Ham SpicesMonte’s Ham was started with a passion for food, for family farming and for helping the less fortunate.

It began with our dream of sharing a tried-and-true recipe for a delicious glaze we invented years ago. The glaze is simplicity itself: Real Dijon Mustard is combined with the finest of Orange Marmalades and Organic Brown Sugar and a blend of secret spices. And it’s made in a certified Organic Kitchen on the beautiful North Fork of Long Island.

Our all-natural, nitrate-free hams are special too. Raised on small family farms in the Finger Lakes region of New York, our hogs are a Landrace Duroc
Montes Ham FarmCross that is prized for their flavor and texture. Our hogs are pasteured—never penned—and are grass-fed on a diet of alfalfa, ledino clover, giant red clover, and perennial rye grass. Added to that is a ration of roasted soy, corn, vitamins, and minerals. We never routinely use antibiotics and if they are necessary, we require a minimum of 14 days from treatment so that our hams are antibiotic-free before they are smoked.  To pair our glaze with the perfect ham, we discovered a fifty year family tradition for curing hams. Purdy & Sons Foods in Sherburne NY have been hickory smoking all-natural hams without nitrites or nitrates – just with a simple brown sugar rub in a state-of the art smokehouse. We’re proud to have the Pride of New York Seal on every ham we sell.

Finally, it is our commitment to donate a portion sale of each and every sale to help fight hunger. We do this through our participation in Food Pantries, Food Education

Montes All Natural HamPrograms and Community Food Banks. We welcome inquiries from food-related charities as to how to apply for Monte’s Ham grants. 

Our mission is summed up here: Helping Family Farms flourish. Helping feed the hungry with every ham we sell.